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Ergonomic Office Chairs

Office chair, computer chair, desk chair, swivel chair, the Duorest chair is the most ergonomic office chair available. Our patented flexible dual backrest mechanism takes the pressure off your spine and tilts according to your body, providing you with the ultimate in ergonomic support and setting Durest chairs apart from all other ergonomic chairs on the market today.

Ergonomic Technology

Duorest's dual backrests are designed to reduce fatigue on your back, spine and thighs, by dispersing pressure through a maximized contact area between your body and chair. Combined with adjustable headrest height, backrest height and width, armrest height and width, tilt lock, and tilt tension control, Duorest chairs offer you the highest level of ergonomic flexibility and personalised comfort possible.

Personalised Comfort

Find out just how comfortable a chair can be. View our range of ergonomic office chairs and find the right model for you.